In June 2016, I was published in Ibraaz, a platform for contemporary visual culture in North Africa and the Middle East. The story accompanied with illustrations could be found on the following link:

In 2014, I was part of the exhibition Metamorphosis showcasing the alumni’s work of the different design departments of Lebanese American University, held at the Beirut Campus.

Below is the publication of participating artists and designers.


In 2011, my project “Transitional Digital Objects” was selected to be part of the The Urban Art and Media Organisation (UAMO) Festival in Munich, under this year’s theme “Ultra Social”.
Below is the publication of participating artists, designers, and digital artists.

In 2005, I was selected to participate in the Online courses of the Masters Module on Art, Design and Technology in the Arab States.

“Ongoing call for applications on the online courses from Part I of the pilot “Masters Module on Art, Design and Technology in the Arab States”, an experimental first class course offered by UNESCO DigiArts, in partnership with the following universities: ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts), American University in Beirut, Lebanese American University in Lebanon and Media Lab University of Art and Design, Helsinki.

Consisting of three online classes:

  • Arabic typography and design culture,
  • Introduction to Art and New Media in the Arab States, with a case-study of Lebanon,
  • Typographic Landscape in the Arab world,

this part of the module will focus on analyzing the context of creative practices in new media with particular attention being given to the social and cultural topics of the Arab region.

The online application course is open to students from the Arab States with a Bachelor’s degree in design, architecture, arts, computer sciences, media communications, humanities. The fifty students selected to participate in the first online phase (31 October 2005 – 28 February 2006), will each be given an equal opportunity to conceive an original concept for a possible project that they will be developing at the following face-to-face course in Beirut, Lebanon.”

The below publication was the outcome of the classes.