The moving Image page will be dedicated to commissioned and independent projects in motion graphics, audiovisual shows, animations, and short videos.

Most of the Moving Image work though will be better viewed on my vimeo channel:

Au Quotidien

Maya Chami et Farah Nehmé

La pièce aborde les sujets d’oppression et d’agression que les femmes subissent chaque jour, au niveau de l’expression, la vie, la féminité, la progéniture, le mouvement, et la sexualité.
Le projet est un acte de résistance pour récupèrer l’intégralité de l’être féminin.



What Myriam Did Not Forget at the Mosaic Rooms

Multimedia work done in collaboration with Dia Batal, in which the story of Batal’s grandmother is unfolded through the fragmented narratives of a journey of displacement. Forced to leave her home in Palestine, and never able to return, this is an emotive animation that examines the significance of involuntary departures from a homeland, and how and where the idea of home can remain after such conflict.

what myriam did not forget - maya chami dia batal

UFA Competition 2010

Finalist Maya Chami’s piece dentelle:“>

The Voting video:“>

Behind the dancing building: the UFA 3D mapping competition <p><a href=”″>Behind the Dancing Building: the UFA 3D mapping competition</a> from <a href=”″>ayah bdeir</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>”>

Behind the Dancing Building: the UFA 3D mapping competition from ayah bdeir on Vimeo.



Below are some link to the moving images that created for the site specific performance “Silk Thread”, performed by Zoukak Theater Company and Cultural Association. Photography by Randa Mirza.

About the project:

Silk Thread” is a site-specific performance investigating inherited social structures that define and shape gender stereotypes as identified through local mythologies, fairy tales, modern legends, contemporary stories and actual events. The performance invites the audience to witness acts and listen to stories drawing a fine line between the real and the imaginary. The fantasy of the tales and the violence of actuality converge to form one image, bringing our collective unconscious up close and aiming to reshuffle references and question certainties around gender dynamics. Through a re-appropriation of orally transmitted tales, interwoven with original texts, the performers will lead the audience across a panorama of characters borrowed from various archetypes of the male and female normative identities that reveal themselves through fiction and in reality.

Some stills from the moving images: