Maya Chami Biography

Born in Beirut in 1981, I studied graphic design at the Lebanese American University; in 2006 I was selected to participate in the UNESCO online master module on art, design and technology. 2009, I pursue an MA in digital arts at Camberwell College of Arts. I have been participating in several graphic and digital arts related events, mainly in the Middle East. 

“Transitional Digital Objects” Synopsis

Transitional digital objects: Fluidity in compositing an autobiography or a failure to create a portrait of the whole?

The video explores the transitional aspect of digital objects in relation to autobiography, traveling around the theme of object and fantasy. Assuming the fluid nature of digital objects, the video places autobiography as the aim from transitional digital objects manipulation, raising the question whether this fluidity will act as a facilitator to autobiographical visual compositing or will it fail to create a portrait of the whole?

“Transitional Digital Objects” High Res Material